Hello and Welcome to Durango           Custom Hats and Saddles!

I am Melissa Lewis-Barnes, hat-maker,
owner, and designer of Durango Custom Hats and Saddles.   I specialize in hand making  extraordinary custom made cowboy hats.  My passion is creating hats influenced by my Native American and Cowboy heritage.   Every hat is individual made in your exact headshape, size, style and color preference. 
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Here I am buiding a hat from start to finish for Rick Lamb the host of "The Horse Show"  on the RFD-TV channel.
         Melissa Lewis- Barnes
Navajo owner - Hatmaker - Designer
Since 1994, I have devoted my time to designing and creating custom cowboy hats.  I have enjoyed each and every moment!  I love handcrafting hats that make a one-of-kind statement!   Whether it's for the ranch working cowboy or walking the red carpet, my goal is to build you the finest hat around.  I use only the finest material available, from beaver fur felt, to the color of glass beads, to the finest leather, each and every decision is make with you in mind.   Each hat is a work of art created for you, and only you!

I look forward to meeting and working with you to create a hat that you'll be proud to wear.


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                       I don't always hear the phone ring when I am building.